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November 27, 2012
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The lounge was dimly lit at night by soft bulbs that were not quite yellow, and not quite orange.

Occupying the very tall walls of the lounge were about seven cherrywood shelves that reached high to the ceiling; books stored ever so neatly filling each plank.

Children in their preteen to early adult years were always borrowing books to study, on just about every subject known to man: Medical, Psychology, Art, Architecture, Nature, Science, Geography, Mathmatics ect,...

Tonight, not unlike any other night, there were a few kids here and there, reading silently.

Some of them were cramming hard for a test, some of them were there to take their time with studying, and some of them were just there to sit in the large comfortable lounge chairs, due to insomnia, or something that they couldn't get off of their mind.

The lounge chairs were a mixed material that looked very vintage, like one might see in a rich elderly woman's lounge--with winding designs and colors that didn't seem to quite match, but the flaw could be easily forgiven because somehow it fit right.

Sitting on a short cherrywood stage in front of three gigantic windows that long curtains hung, hiding the night; was two children, reading silently like the few others that were in the room.

Keeping to theirselves, lost in two worlds, yet sitting side by side in the same world simultaneously.

The girl, who looked much more into her book than her friend, licked the tip of her finger then flipped to the next page.
After a few moments of reading, she softly nudged the boy sitting next to her with her elbow.

The boy, who was a bit taller than her, began to turn his head, but only did his eyes leave the page when he was facing her completely.
He gave a soft questioning noise.

Tilting her head towards his a bit, the girl closed her eyes and slowly opened them again.
"I'm quite sleepy, Dev... "

The boy looked at his book and surrendered, realizing that, he was pretty beat himself.

He closed his book and half held it next to his side with his wrist.

"Hhhuuo... Me too."

The girl smiled, eyes shut.
"I'm going to go make some tea... Then we should go to bed."

Dev nodded, and watched as the girl arose from her sitting position, putting a hand on her back and making a little groan.

He stood as well and assured she was alright.

She stretched, giving a slight nod.
"Yeah... I've just been sitting in the same position for too loonggg... "

She sniffed a little and took Dev's hand, leading him out of the lounge.

Her socks muffled any sound her feet would have made against the marble floor as she stepped into the large empty kitchen, while Dev's bare feet pattered quietly.

She grabbed a coffee filter and tucked it in the coffee pot; shoveling a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds over it.

Dev snickered; "You really shouldn't be drinking coffee this late at night, Send."

Send smiled at him.
"I'll be fine," she remarked as she opened a cupboard and drew out a mug, setting it on the counter.

A few minutes of silence went by until a strong aroma of coffee wafted through the air.

Send poured her coffee, then proceeded to dump a few different types of flavored powder into the steaming mug.

With that the twosome made their way up two flights of material-covered stairs.

Dev yawned slightly as Send opened the door to his room.

"I call my side!" Send giggled and spedily walked to Dev's large bed, being cautious of the cup of hot coffee.

Send usually stayed with Dev in his room, though it was expected to be against the rules of the house, unless you were probably around the age of seventeen.
They never dared to ask about it, though.

Dev's room was a large room, with a bathroom and a small living room.
The floors were wooden, and he had a few large windows that overlooked the city.

It was quite homey feeling with the curtains covering the windows, otherwise it was still nice, but the bright city lights against the black night caused the mood to change; it felt more of an overnight hotel stay.

Dev's bed sat about seven yards away from his door, and was tucked between a small wooden nightstand and the windows.

Send took a seat on the edge of his bed, and finished her bittersweet beverage before setting her empty cup on his nightstand, and crawling over to the window based side of the bed.

She slid under Dev's mint green comforter and watched as he found himself joining her.

Dev looked at Send and smiled.
"Are you hoping to dream of anything special tonight?"

Send looked down in thought.

"Perhaps... I think a dream about ice cream and marshmallow raccoons..."

She smiled at Dev as he nodded.
"What about you?"

"Yeah--well... I don't think I could beat your wish, marshmallow raccoons are the best."

"Indeed." Said Send.

Smiling softly, Dev pulled Send closer to himself and laid his head on top of hers.

Send reached her arm over him giving him a not quite hug.

"Goodnight Dev."

Dev kissed Send's head.

"Goodnight Send."

Send waited a moment...
"Goodnight Dev."

Dev cocked his head slightly in bemusement.
"Goodnight, Send."

"Goodnight Dev."

Dev caught on, and snickered a little.

"Goodnight Send."

"Goooooodnight Dev-istation."

"Goodight... Send-istation... ?"

"Goodnight Devvy Jones!"

"Goodnight Send-a-bucket!"

Send laughed.
"Okay, goodnight."

Dev fell asleep almost instantaneously, Send on the other hand, couldn't sleep for all it was worth.

She turned on her side...

She turned on her stomach.

She laid on her back for a while.

She even tried laying at the other end of the bed, but her insomnia did not surrender.

A few hours of tossing about in the bed, Send threw in the towel.

She needed something to keep her awake until the caffeine in her system smoothed out a bit.

Send turned to Dev and stroked his sleeping face with the back of her hand gently. She didn't truly want to distrub his rest.

"Dev." She whispered.

Dev made no movement.

"Deeev..." She whispered a bit louder,

Dev's nose twitched slightly but he didn't wake up.

Send poked him, making a bit of an audiable sound this time.


Dev opened his eyes and lifted his head slightly above his pillow.

"Yeah, Send?"

Send studied his face and looked down.

"I can't get to sleep."

Dev smiled.

"I told you not to drink coffee before bed."

Send blushed. "I know... "

Dev paused for a moment; Send couldn't tell whether he was thinking, or falling back asleep.

Suddenly Dev spoke again.
"What do you suggest?"

"Um... could we... sing?"

"Sure, what would you like to sing?"

Send pondered.

"Can we sing 'you are a small vampire'?"

"Sure." Smiled Dev.

"Okay... "

Dev started out, his grogy voice scratching discretely when he switched notes.

"Walking alone, on your own, do you want to be... "

Send joined in after realization Dev had begun to sing.

"Back in my room passing through, to be near to me? When you're around or in town, it seems to me, that we've never looked better, we're so good together..."

The harmony was quiet and airy, carefully being produced by the twosome.

Their voices seemed to comfort eachother in a sugary way, sweet and simple.

Dev's voice started to drift quietly, he thought it was appropriate for Send to take on the chorus by herself.

"Can I be the one that you wake up at six a.m.? And we'll talk to the clouds 'till we fall back asleep again. And it feels like you're gone, but you're not, and I think you wrote your name on my skin, I can tell that we'll be close."

Send curled up against Dev's side, and the both of them began to sing again after feeling the solo beats of the song in their heads.

"So you're alone should have known, that you want to be back in my room passing through, to be near to me.
When you're around there is sound," Send closed her chocolate hues, feeling a bit sleepy now, "...and it seems to me,that we've never looked better, we're so good together.
Can I be the one that you wake up at six a.m.? And we'll talk to the clouds 'till we fall back asleep again. And it feels like you're gone, but you're not, and I think you wrote your name on my skin, I can tell that we'll be close... "

Dev thought the song sounded pretty supberb, especially for how late it was; but when he started to sing the chorus again, he noticed Send was not singing along.

He looked down at the girl and smiled, freckled cheeks rising warmly.

Her eyes were rolling around behind her eyelids, causing them to flutter softly.
She wasn't asleep yet, but she was falling into the clutches of slumber.

Dev did not try to wake her, but wrapped his arms around her and finshed whispering the song.

"Sweet dreams." He cooed, and with that, he closed his own eyes and drifted into sleep.
Read Moi

I really don't have all much to say about this.

This is just for my own use pretty much, I'm trying to get a feel on Dev and Send's personality, and how they act when they're together.

There are so many flaws with this, I don't even know why I'm putting this up really.

I mean, there was no intended point of the story, but the end makes it look like I did a poor job at trying to make it into something dramatic and satisfying; like I meantioned, this is for myself, to explore these two characters of mine a bit further.
It was not intended to be an interesting one-shot.
[but if someone thought it read like one, I'd be pretty thrilled]

Please forgive any grammar mistakes, or misspellings, I feel guilty about giving excuses, but, I did this over a long period of time--and every time I worked on it the time was way early into the morning.


Send and Dev are my characters, they look like this: [link] [link]
THE SONG is "You Are A Small Vampire" by char2d2, one of alltime favorites, listen to it here: [link]

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